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The Chairs A.G.M Report.

Unfortunately on the whole 2018 hasn’t been a very good year for the Tern Valley Vintage Machinery Trust.


As you may know, early on in the year two long serving Members passed away, Harry Palin who was a Committee Member and ‘Tractor Steward’ and Derek Machin who had served as a Committee Member in the past and also as ‘Veteran Car Steward’. They will be greatly missed by all of us who worked with them in the Trust, that was why we dedicated this years Show to their memory. I am sure you will all want to join with me in expressing our deepest sympathies to their respective Families


Regretfully our Annual Show wasn’t the success it should have been either this year, there was a lack of both Visitors and Exhibitors, due mainly I feel to the appalling weather forecasts for the weekend as given out by the Met Office over the weeks before.  In actual fact the weather for the weekend wasn’t really that bad, but the damage had been done and due to those forecasts folk decided not to risk it and stayed at home.  It was a great shame because despite the fact that Exhibitor figures were down we still put on a good Show as can be seen by the great photos of the event as taken by Philip Hillditch and displayed on Facebook etc.


On a more cheerful note we ran two very successful Tractor Road Runs this year, one from Stoke on Tern and one from Edgmond.  The one from Edgmond was run on behalf of the families of Derek Machin and Harry Palin with a donation of £365-00 going to both The British Heart Foundation for Derek and The Eccleshall First Responders for Harry.


As you will hear from our Treasurer with the lower Visitor figures to the Annual Show we made a financial loss of some £1,100-00 over the year, however when you realise that in other years monies from our Road Runs, for example the £730-00 donated to Harry and Derek’s charities, would have gone into Trust funds you would find that the actual expenditure against income deficit would only have been some £370-00, which, although it is still a loss, isn’t too bad considering the Show weekend’s weather, or rather weather forecast.


It is with regret that we have to mention the resignation of Carol Kauer who has had to leave us to take on the full time care of her Mother, Carol had been our Classic Car Steward for some considerable time, she will be greatly missed and we wish her and her family well for the future

Despite this years problems we must look forward to 2019 which, as you know, will be the year of our 40th Annual Show.  Obviously we are going to try and make next year a bit more special in an attempt to attract the Visitor and to this end we are open to any ideas you may have, we are also meeting with the N. & D.A.S. for their advice and also to clarify what we can and can’t do on the Show Ground.  However as I always say, our Show is held mainly for you the Member/Exhibitor and if you want it to continue then your Management Team MUST have your full help and support in the organisation and running of the event.  It has been stated by the unenlightened that we should not hold an Annual Show at all or maybe reduce it to a one day event.  The fact remains that the Annual Show was one of the major reasons behind the formation of the Club/Trust all those years ago, if we decide not hold a Show then just what does the Trust have to offer it’s Members ??  Looking at a one day event we would still need the land for some seven days to allow for the ‘set up’ and ‘break down’ and also we still would need the staff to organise and man the event, be it a one or two day affair.  However, whatever the long term decisions for the future may be the fact is that 2019 WILL be a Two Day Show held over the weekend of 10/11 August – what that long term future holds is up to you.


I fully realise that due to health problems I wasn’t of much use to the Trust this year and for that I sincerely apologise. However, as always, I would like to express my sincere thanks from myself and you the Members to the Members of the Management Team for all their support over a very difficult time and with extra special thanks to our Vice Chair, Gerry Hobday, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are today. I would also like to mention our Safety Officer, my Grandson Rhys Scott, for taking on many of my duties during my long sojourn in hospital.


Lets try to make 2019 a successful 40th Show and look forward to hopefully a brighter future.  Thank you for your support.


Bruce Scott

(Chair – Tern Valley Vintage Machinery Trust Ltd.)

Sincere thanks to Val Littlehales for the great entertainment at Stoke on Tern - Please note that next month (Tuesday 4th June) there will be NO Member's Meeting at Stoke on Tern. Instead all Members are cordially invited to visit the John Roberts collection at Calcott Lane, Bicton. SY3 8EX for a Bar B Q evening commencing at 19-30h. For more information please contact John on 07740402945"

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